The SOCIAL VALUE of VET. European Experiences in Esthetic and Well-being

S.V.o.V.E – The Social Value of Vocational Education and Training is a project that aims to create a permanent dialogue, comparison and efficient exchange of “practices”, ideas and experiences through the involvement of target groups and stakeholders. 

It is constructed through the application of an integrated and innovative bottom-up participatory approach based on a relational system that characterizes both the management and the implementation methodology (MULTI-LAbs Program). It requires the creation of multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral working groups (teams) involved in the production of a new and common European training course for the qualification of Expert in Social Aesthetics.

Within a heterogeneous, dynamic and flexible partnership – the primordial nucleus of a future intersectorial network – subjects coming from different environments and with different specific roles are compared and worked together. A partnership that intends to acquire strength and representativeness to obtain the recognition and / or improvement of training and employment policies in the various European countries that are currently characterized by significant development gaps.