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The SOCIAL VALUE of VET. European Experiences in Esthetic and Well-being

The project enhances the responsibility and the social impact of vocational training, through a deepening of the sectors that show a more evident orientation in this perspective: the sectors of wellbeing and aesthetics that actually represent significant numbers in the European economy, directly impact psycho-physical health and the quality of life of European citizens. The project is based on the real exchange of “practices” carried out through the development of a new multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approach to the training of operators, in such a way as to simulate at a qualifying level the work in teams alongside doctors, psychologists, social assistance workers, etc. All this in order to share, define and disseminate common methodological lines at national and European level to define the multi-disciplinary profile of “social beautician”, promote lifelong learning and improve the quality and effectiveness of international experiences and practices for the purposes of learning and continuous improvement in the levels of professionalism and qualifications and their accessibility. The Project directly involves the operators of different sectors and the managers and operators of organizations that with different skills work towards the pursuit of a common goal: the health and well-being of the people through the construction of higher levels of qualification, competence and professionalism putting into practice paths based on dialogue, participation and international comparison, on multi-disciplinarity, inter-sectoriality and on “learning outcomes” in carrying out a professional training activity really at the service of the European community and its citizens , at the same time potentially functional to the development of new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.