9.00 am. Registration of participants.

9.30 am.  Welcome Introductory greetings

Dr Fabio Madera, representing Ecipa Umbria Lead Partner, greets the Representatives of the Partners who attended Perugia for the Kick-off Meeting to start the SVoVE project. He thanks for the availability and collaboration of the partnership in the implementation of the work-program. Dr. Marina Gasparri of CNA Umbria spoke, reiterating the topicality of the objectives and the value of the results expected from the project. For the Region of Umbria, Associate Partner, Dr. Collesi of the Arpal Agency, responsible for the certification of skills and professional standards, intervenes by expressing interest in the project that starts a study path of a professional training standard in “social aesthetics”. Dr. Laura Grilli of CEPEC, Associated Partner, affirms the need for a “European training standard for social aesthetics”.

10.30 am. Project  Presentation.

The various descriptive sections that make up the project are presented through illustrative slides with a focus on:
– Partnership, general and specific objectives, and expected results at the end of the project.
– Work program of the activities: Management and internal communication within the partnership, verification tests and monitoring tools, n.3 transnational administrative management meetings, n.3 Multi-Lab_Joint Staff Transnational Training Events. Promotion plan and tools and external dissemination. -Presentation of the “Logo” to be used in all internal documentation material and external promotion and communication of the project. The logo will be available to Partners within Google Drive.

11.00 am. Visit to the Ecipa Umbria Training Center

With the collaboration and guidance of the teachers of the aesthetics courses that led the participants to the meeting in the classrooms and training laboratories. the methods of applied teaching and the technical equipment available to the students of the courses were illustrated.

11.30 am. Partener Presentation.

Each Representative of the partner delegations presented the organization they belong to and the operational experiences in the sectors of reference and in the territory of national competence. The slides and photographic and audio-visual material were used to express the reasons for joining the project and the expectations regarding the objectives and expected results. Particular interest for the Follow-up and the “Recommendations” for future sustainability. At the end, Dr. Chiacchella from Ecipa delivered the Attendance Certificates to those present.

1.30 pm. Lunch break

2.30 pm. Afternoon Session

1) Illustration of the budget and the methods of managing the contribution assigned to each partner, specifying the macro areas of expenditure present in the financial framework.
Comparison session with the partners on questions concerning the management procedures, the different types of expenditure and the related reporting documentation that will be requested by the Lead partner during the Progress and the Final Report.
Definition of the calendar of management meetings:
-2nd Intermediate TPM in Romania between 16 and 20 November
2020 Leading Partner: CNMRNC
-3rd TPM Final to be decided.

2) Definition of the schedule of Multi-Lab training activities:
1st Multi-Lab in Paris 16-20 March 2020 (excluding travel) Leading Partner: CNAIB
2nd Multi-Lab in Helsinky 7-11 September 2020 (Excluding travel) Leading Partner: DIAKONIA
3rd Multi-Lab in Athens 19-23 April 2021 (excluding travel) Leading Partner: OSEDAE.

3) Definition of the preparatory activities:
– promotion and dissemination activities to be carried out locally through press releases and conferences with private stakeholders and public institutions
– information and selection activities for participants in transnational training events (Multi-Lab). Illustration of the characteristics of the Target Group of the participants.

4) Definition of the Communication Plan for the INTERNAL flow through the partnership. Communication TOOLS:
– the Google Drive shared folder, each partner will have to provide a connected e-mail to access the folder and upload documents (eg presentation at the Kick-off meeting). All the documentation material for the project will be collected in the partnership folder for internal use, which will then be used for dissemination.
– the e-mail address of the named contact person, activation if deemed useful of what’up group and skype conference in need
– the Erasmus Platform Mobility Tool – institutional administrative management tool by the Lead Partner and in “read only” mode for partners.

5) Definition of the Plan for the promotion and EXTERNAL dissemination of the project to be implemented through the following tools:
– Website dedicated to the project realized by the Lead Partner
– Institutional sites of partner organizations
– Press releases, articles and press interviews and radio-TV, Social Net-work by the Partners.
– local promotion events and conferences and presentation meetings by the Partners.
– Erasmus + Dissemination Platform by the Lead Partner and in “read only” mode for partners.